Who Are You?


Many people have questions about who they are and what their purpose is here on this earth.

Others know who they are, why they are here and understand their purpose in this life.

In the realm of the truth of the gospel of Jesus, we believe you fall into one of two categories:


Curious or Transformed.

A Curious person is marked by a desire to investigate and learn. They are marked by an inquisitive interest in knowing and/or understanding something. In the realm of the gospel of Jesus, curiosity is marked by having questions and being in a place where you have not experienced the power of God changing the way you live and think from the inside out. Maybe you have doubts

or maybe you simply don't understand.

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A Transformed person is marked by the full knowledge and transforming power of Jesus Christ in their life. They've experienced an inner working of the Holy Spirit which has resulted in a change in character and condition of their heart. They know the truth and it is evident that they are a new creation. They are continually growing and learning in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and live their life in a way that is undeniably and unashamedly forever changed from the inside out.

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We do acknowledge that there are people who do not fall into the above categories and choose not to believe at all. 

If that is where you are; our hope and prayer is that someday you would be willing to open your heart to what God

could be trying to say to you and that you would experience the transforming power of a life walking in the fullness of Jesus Christ.

Reflection of Monks Crossing a Wooden Br