The "Know God" Guide 

This guide is a tool designed for you and your whole family to know the One who created each of you. This guide is also designed to help you understand the times we are living in and that God IS in control. God is offering you an invitation to be a part of His plan and to be included in His family and in all He is doing!

We've also designed this guide to be an easy way to help you teach your children who God is in a simple way that helps to lay the foundation of the God of the Bible, His purposes and plans, who we are today and how we are to live.

These pages are meant to open dialogue, discuss questions, point you to the Bible, to encourage you to pray and to put your faith in Christ to guide you into all truth.


*The guide can be viewed on a mobile device, iPad or computer. 

Click on the image below to open up the Know God Guide!

Know God Guide

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